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Ingersoll Rand Cafe Express SE
The Café Express SE is Club Car's ultimate merchandising vehicle and is scaled to retail a full range of food and beverage items, as well as high-margin goods such as cigars, golf balls, craft beers, energy drinks and accessories. And with such an attractive display designed into the vehicle—engineered specifically to encourage impulse buying—the more you show, the more you sell!

When you're ready to crank up your revenue in a big way, the Café Express SE sits ready and waiting to move merchandise faster than you can re-stock the shelves.

Café Express SE - Show More, Sell More
Show more, sell more with Café Express SE. Riding on the Carryall 1700 platform, this food and beverage vehicle allows you to display more products for your customers to purchase. Perfect for large operations, the Café Express SE can carry up to 336 cans of soft-drink plus ice.

Engine/Motor Type


Kawasaki FH680D, OHV, 675 cc, twin-cylinder industrial grade



Engine-Lubrication and Oil Filter Type

Full-pressure, spin-on

Maximum Torque

36.5 ft-lb (49.5 N-m)


20.1 hp (15 kW) rated @ 3,400 rpm (1)

Towing Capacity

1,300 lb


Transistorized magneto

Rear Differential

Auto locking

Torque Converter


Electrical System

12-volt, 500 CCA


Rack and pinion

Tilt Steering Wheel


Front Suspention

Independent double A-arms with coil-over shocks

Rear Suspension

4-link semi-independent solid axle with coil-over shocks


4-wheel, hydraulic disc

Park Brake

Automotive style


Tubular aluminum

Front Body

GE Geloy high-impact, scratch-resistant, injection molded color

Rear Body


Standard Tires

23” Front/24” Rear Turf tires


Electronic fuel gauge/hour meter, low oil warning light

Can & Bottle Bin

336 cans

Consumable Ice Bin (2)

100 lb

Bed Size

48.8 in x 49.8 in x 10.9 in
(124 cm x 126.5 cm x 27.7 cm)

Bed Height

48.8 in x 49.8 in 10.9 in
(124 cm x 126.5 cm x 27.7 cm)

BED Capacity

1,050 lb (476.3 kg) bed load capacity standard; optional 1,500 lb (680.4 kg) capacity available

Total Vehicle Capacity

1,600 lb (725.8 kg); 1,850 lb (839.1 kg) available


Choice of bucket or bench;
Adjustable driver's seat only available with bucket seat option

Seating Capacity


Overall Length

157.6 in (400.3 cm)

Overall Width

60 in (152.4 cm)

Overall Height

78.6 in (199.6 cm)


114 in (225.3 cm)

Ground Clearance

7.28 in (18.5 cm)

Fuel Tank Capacity

6.5 gal (24.6 L)


48.8 in (124 cm)

Dry Weight (Less Batteries and Not Equipped With Canopy Supports Or Rops)

1,150 lb (521.6 kg)

Maximum Speed

22.4 km/h

Turning Radius

3.8 m (Outside)

Vehicle Warranty

2-year, limited