ADH Golf and Utility Vehicles
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ADH Golf and Utility Vehicles

Harmar Lifts

How Harmar Makes a Difference

No Hassle Support.
We stand behind our dealers with outstanding support and a full range of mobility and accessibility products!

Pre-Assembled Products.
Harmar products are ready to install quickly and easily, with fewer extra parts.

World-Class Customer Service.
Harmar Sales Specialists are committed to supporting our dealers for superior customer service – before, during, and after the sale.

Quality Assurance.
Every Mobility Lift produced in our Florida facility is tested to exacting standards for safe operation and carrying capacity before ever leaving our facility.

Safety and Testing.
Harmar tests every product up to 3x its rated load, along with life-cycle testing in excess of all industry guidelines.

Nobody knows golf cars and utility vehicles like ADH Golf and Utility Vehicles so please visit our showroom located at 42 Achievement Way, Wangara, Western Australia or contact us on (08) 6500 3756.